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The danger of fear...

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

An intimate "soul sharing" of sorts...

My beloved spiritual teacher, who left his body a little over 2 years ago, has been with me ever since in spirit form. And he's been communicating with me asking me to share all my soul's greatest gifts.

The first day we met, exactly 20 years ago, he told me that I needed to stop being so afraid of my powers as he could see that I’m going to be a great teacher one day... I learned that very early on, that I must get rid of my own fears, in order to fulfill my destiny in the world...

I had lived in a sacred community for 16 years, sharing much with people who loved and respected my teacher. We had a profound experience there, which brought about lots of laughter as well as tears, especially when realizing the importance of acceptance. It brought about a deep necessity within me for a lot of healing work- for which I can better understand now as I carry on working on myself by myself.

I believe that the more one allows manipulation and mind control through fear - the more one falls out of alignment with themselves. As I am beginning to realize how my soul is meant to grow through nourishment and through sharing of its high vibrations- it can not radiate in fear...

When we relate through fear we magnify it. When someone is trying to tell you what is right or wrong for you they often try to insert fear into your psyche . If the very thing the other is condemning is actually bringing about genuine healing for you than don't even get involved with any of it.

A pure soul wants to share its light innocently... and that’s what I intend to do with my life- to share my inner light, fearlessly.

I believe in my ability to release what’s inside of me in a trusting and loving way to those who are thirsty for love and light, and it is only going to support them to manifest their own loving reality which they crave. We are all spiritually connected. the illusion of separation is the biggest lie that lived through social manipulation. Love unconditionally connects everything and everyone, no matter what you believe is standing in the way.

I think we are all born to Teach. Lead. Inspire. Develop. Collaborate. Join forces.

Love is like a drug missing everywhere. No wonder people are dying for it... It’s "love" that brings us closer with others and it all comes from sharing.

Love energy brings health in my body, that’s how i know it’s real. When you feel the difference within yourself, how it brings about peace of mind and purifies your heart- that's when you know that no one can take that away from you.

I feel that "not choosing to express our internal experience" is like putting our heads in the sand in a way. And the thinking that one is above others, allowing themselves to judge anyone- is even worst. Spiritual egos are the worst kinds out there and must be heavily observed. We all got the responsibility to constantly watch our judgement. Nothing in the world, not even the knowing of other enlightened teachers and masters can justify any judgment towards others. If we want true healing on the planet we have to start accepting others within ourselves. Accept everyone.

To teach others I have to embody every day the best version of myself. I’m just now coming to terms with all of that and start owning my gifts! Finally!!

And its ok if others don’t choose to listen to what has helped you. It Should never be forced on anyone. If they resonate, great! At the same time- to go around and psychically attack others for sharing their "soul's nectar' (highest truth) is just evil.

Don’t allow others to attack you, keep alert- be a warrior of fight. Fearless. Just like the famous yin yang expression- "Do no harm but take no shit".


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