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A lesson in "worthiness"...

God consciousness, higher self, our connection to source energy is always within, not without. It only wants what's best for you and is always available for you to tap into. Its nothing but love and worthiness energy... To remember that- is the practice...To activate the remembrance is a practice and meditation is the silence within where we allow this magic to happen...Worthiness is not something you receive as an external validation rather is an inner knowing. You could be struggling with something and finding hard to get it going... it has nothing to do with worthiness Its simply lack of the remembrance of worthiness that causes that. Lack is not God consciousness. Lack is the absence of God consciousness.

When connecting with others- its important to connect as a whole. Meet people eye to eye. Smile. Intend for kindness of heart. This is where God consciousness is. Where it can be ignited within others. God consciousness is also the one that will show you where to go... It is the kindness of life, the beauty of being alive and that we are given this gift to connect to God consciousness. Love os the remembrance that its the kindness that you can have for yourself that brings God consciousness even when you haven't practiced that in this way your whole life. In one instant life can change when you realize that the connection you so seek, the intimacy you so want and deserve- is within you and God consciousness because it really gives you that intimacy and when you realize that its been there for you all along- waiting for you to connect, waiting for you to remember... you can than claim it.

God consciousness shows you that it's not the people nor the place that does that. It's only your connection to it that can actually help you. You'll never feel alone when you remember God consciousness... Being in love with God consciousness... being in love with the connection to it- is what actually helps you... You'll never feel alone when you remember God consciousness... Being in love with that tenderness inside is what makes you feel blessed.


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