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Intoxicated with gratitude...

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Recognizing and owning my inner gifts for the benefit of humanity's ascension.

Many people can be channelers, mainly because strong intuition comes with trust... It seems these days that more and more people are coming to grip with their inner gifts.

After years of initiations and meditation practices of sorts, I realized that until I don't even allow myself to believe I can get enlightened- I won't actually be able to. Huge release. That’s why I believe my teacher used to talk to me about the importance of falling in love with yourself so that you eventually realizes that you never truly need anything or anyone else to fill in any possible gaps for yourself... He would say that I shouldnt expected to get without giving from myself first.

When you fall in love with your true essence, or somebody else's essence- that spark within you will endlessly ignite others too.

As my search for acceptance expanded, my connection with sacred plant medicines allowed an even deeper acceptance. A sense of inner completion begin creating a reality of much more intentional creation. I began paying attention to synchronicity, the "chain of events" that mysteriously keeps connecting the dots of my higher soul's purpose, leading to further expansion and to an introspective intoxication of sorts... I felt an internal bliss...

I believe that this "Ascension Timeline" is a divine portal of sorts, accelerating a huge global transformation miracle... I find myself daily baring witnessed to quantum leaping through expansive conversations within my communities. We're all so much more connected to our intuition when we chose to talk about it, write about it, blog about it and publish powerful content about it. This journey has been nothing short of miraculous.

This is why I speak and write of it often. And I sense that it’s happening every day to more and more people- certainly around me... for we are recognizing how gratitude grows and frees us from the old dying paradigm- the age of Pisces.

I am finally able to release the blockages from my throat chakra. I am now able to speak and write freely. I focus on continuing living my bliss by simply being myself and by choosing to observe everything. Especially my own reactions to the external world.


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