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Mental Anxiety in the 2020's:

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

This is not a very comfortable subject to talk about. Yet this article is written with the intention of inspiring people to focus on self healing before dealing with fixing any collective issues.

What does "being real” mean to you?

To me it seems that many of us don't quite know why we are actually suffering in life... There has been a significant shift in consciousness on Earth since March 2020 and many of us finding ourselves needing to discuss it. Because some of us seem to roll with this shift joyfully yet others seem to dread it entirely by checking out on life. All depending on the perceptual lenses, I suppose... I personally learned how to use my time for more self care.

One of my ways to practice better self care is by spending more time in nature... This is something I find incredibly healing as it inspires me and brings me closer to my own inner guidance.

When I'm by myself pondering about the world at large- I ask myself- "how do we find a healthy ways to deal with the very strong division energy right now"? I know that the Universal Law says that we are always going to be free to choose accordion to what feels right to us, which is perhaps one of the main reasons I have allowed myself to focus on my own healing first. I feel it is necessity to deal with the world from a more compassionate space. Which is why I am willing to bet that almost everyone on the planet is feeling this division energy on some level, and potentially even suffer from it.

However, this chaotic division we're experiencing in the world right now is requiring us to become more unified from within us before we can unify from without us. The last time we experienced a great collective struggle like this was during World War 2, except the current war is targetingyour perception and our inner truth. What you might want to focus on these days is the question- do I know who I am? If you don't really know who you are you might try to find your answers elsewhere...

And because we are each being asked to take a stand and know where we stand- we all need to learn to observe our reactions before speaking. Why? because not doing so, I believe, we'll continually find ourselves arguing, fighting and hating on one another. The tactic of "divide and conquer" is a well known ruling tactic of people in power- hoping to create enough chaos so that the division energy will create more need for control. And this is really how it multiplies in the direction of the frequency chosen. Once you chose fear- more fear will manifest in your life. Once you chose love & compassion- more of that energy will multiply in your life as well...

These 2 polar frequencies have no middle ground. You can't remain afraid and expect love and light to guide you. Fear is a very destructive force, appearing stronger than ever on the planet. I would love to ask you to check within yourself if what you are feeling around whats going on in the world right now is coming from wanting to do more research and understand whats going on? or is it more about avoiding the idea that you need to research at all, leaving it to others to do so that life can go back to what it used to be like before 2020? Do you actually believe the world can ever be what it was in the past? I don't. And thank God for that... We are always moving forward and that is a good thing. If things are meant to be destroyed and fall apart- let it. Change is a natural flow of life.

I believe that being more open and transparent about how one "understands it all"- can only help him/ her all heal better as a whole being. Allowing one another to speak and be heard unconditionally in the process is super important. We can all choose to relate from the heart if we really want to, and that is what I intend to encourage my audience to do. To always try your best to relate from your heart to life. When you tap into your inner knowing- you remember that you're here on Earth only temporarily... Remembering that can change your frequency and bring out a lot more gratitude. I think that collectively we can find out how to work together better, when we come from the heart space. Only than can we truly have an easier life and make a satisfying progress.

I have zero intentions to interfere with anyone’s sacred decisions about their journey. However, if we genuinely seek to have healthier ways of living together with better relationships that support our soul being able to receive the 'real essence of who we are as individuals'- than I believe that deep down a change is not only needed but will be extremely helpful.

I invite you to start imagining the reality you do want to be a part of with %100 commitment to yourself and to those you love. Becoming more real and vulnerable about your needs in your life is in my opinion "the key" to breaking free from frustration, bitterness and anger. Otherwise you most likely won’t be able to live a very fulfilling life. The feeling of living with 'unattained dreams' can haunt you... especially when the yearning comes from a soul level...

For me that dream of living in 100% integrity with my inner truth started about a year ago. I broke free form an environment that didn't really care for my deepest insights and begun envisioning living more in vibrational alignment with others. I immediately envisioned that being in nature off the grid, while creating myself a self sustainable lifestyle will do the trick... I called in living amongst people I love dearly.... And I must say that this vision begun to take from and manifested to be my living truth. I now live within the Redwoods of California, as I allow myself to do all the things I love... spending much time deeply connecting to the earth... And the beauty is that the dream keeps evolving and becoming clearer by the day.

Yet it all started when I realized that I needed to step aside from the density of the big city lifestyle which I have known for so many years. I honestly couldn’t deal with the crowd energy arguing about what I should do with my life. For example- how I should treat my body or what they thought was right for my body.

When I realized that I want to do what's right for me- I started feeling better. And only then did I notice how my moving away from the city benefited those around me. I was being real about my intuition by going for it and as a result- it completely liberated me.

The challenge is to know how to stay centered when you're being confronted and don't go against your soul no mater what. Social media is one of the most dangerous tools for impersonal misunderstandings amongst people who don't know you... the investigation you're conducting to justify your opinions are worth sharing but only those who are aligned with your vibration can get it...

I realized our individual health is our scared responsibility and property. By forcing me to do anything to my body I am being forced to go against my conscience... To ignore my intuition is ignorance in itself and that can never serve me.

My question to you- "How far will you go to put the collective first before you chose to take care of yourself? healing your own wounds and traumas is only the beginning to respecting your journey here and living in alignment with your inner truth.

If we can't properly listen to each other- we can't grow. That means it's time to listen within and decide to pay attention to what's actually hurting.

By choosing to work on yourself first I believe we could each better understand how to deal with the polarities "out there". In my humble opinion- no actual change is possible otherwise...


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