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Mental Anxiety in the 2020's:

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

It seems that for a lot of people it's not very comfortable to talk about their mental anxieties these days. This article is written with the intention of inspiring others to focus on self healing before dealing with the collective mind.

What does "being real” mean to you?

It seems to me that many people in our world these days don't quite know why they are suffering from what seems to be a spiritual division... There is a significant shift on the planet since March 2020 and many of us have experienced to have changed life on earth forever. Some seem to role with this shift joyfully and others seem to dread it entirely by checking out on life. All depending on one's perceptual lenses, I suppose.

I personally learned how to use my time for more self care in nature, something I find incredibly healing.

So how do we find a healthy ways to deal with this apparent division energy? the fact we are free to choose differently is perhaps one of the main reasons I have allowed myself to focus on my own healing first- as a necessity to deal with the world from a more compassionate space. And I am willing to bet you that almost everyone on the planet is feeling this division energy on some level, and potentially even suffer from it.

However, this is the first time in 75 years that we are being called to unite as a planet, experiencing the collective chaos mirroring on the inside. In other words- The chaotic division we're experiencing in the world is apparent also within us and is requiring us all essentially to become more unified within before we can unify without. The last time we experienced a great collective struggle like this was during World War 2, which is why many people claim that we are in fact in World War 3 right now. Except this one is not fought with fire and guns. It's the war of the minds. The war on perception. A spiritual war.

And because we are being asked to take a stand ( know where we stand)- we need to each observe our reactions before speaking. Why? Because others are in the same position and must be real with themselves as well. Not doing so, I believe, we'll continually find ourselves arguing, fighting and hating on one another. The tactic of "divide and conquer" is a well known ruling tactic of people in power- hoping to create enough chaos so that the division energy will create more need for control. And this is really how it multiplies in the direction of the frequency chosen.

The 2 polar frequencies are fear/ death vs. Love/ life.

Fear for example, is a very destructive force, stronger than ever on the planet right now.

I ask you to check within yourself if what you are feeling around whats going on in the world right now is coming from wanting to do more research and understand whats going on? or is it more about avoiding it so that life can go back to what it used to be like before? I can assure you however- that the amount of growth and inner work many people have done during the past 19 months- shows that nothing will ever "go back to normal".

I believe that being more open and transparent about how you understand it all- can only help us and heal us as a whole. Allow each other to speak, and be heard unconditionally. We can choose to relate from the heart if we want to, and that is what I intend to encourage my audience. Try your best to relate from your heart, always. When you tap into the place inside of you that knows you're here only just temporarily- it can change your frequency and bring out a lot more gratitude. I think if we can collectively find out how to work together better, from a heart space- we could have a a lot easier time on the planet moving forward.

I have zero intentions to interfere with anyone’s sacred decisions about their sacred journey. However, if you genuinely seeks to have a healthier way of living, better relationships with people that support your soul while receiving and seeing the real you underneath, reminding you of your unique beauty (soul) - than deep down you must yearns for a change.

In that case, I invite you to start imagining the reality you do want to be a part of with %100 commitment to yourself and to those you love. Becoming more vulnerable in the world is the key to breaking free from not achieving what you truly want- which is ultimately to be completely yourself. Otherwise you most likely won’t be able to live a very fulfilling life.

The feeling of living with 'unattained dreams' can haunt us... especially when the yearning comes from a soul level...

For me that dream started a year ago- wanting to make enough money so I can live off the grid having a self sustained lifestyle up in the mountains of California somewhere for the rest of my life, with the people I love.... And to my surprise- it took from and manifested to be my truth. I moved to the Redwoods, with a wonderful man with whom I live comfortably enough, allowing myself to do all the things I love, while spending much time deeply connected to the earth. And the beauty is that the dream keeps evolving every day. But it all started when I realized I needed to step aside from the dense city life. I couldn’t have too many people around me arguing about what they thought I should do with my body.

When I realized that I want to do what's right for me- I actually started feeling better. And only than I noticed how feeling that much better actually benefited those around me. I was being real and it liberated me.

The challenge is to know how to stay centered when you're being mocked and told to go against your soul. Social media is one of the most dangerous tools for impersonal misunderstandings amongst people who don't know you or the researches you've actually done to justify your opinions...

Our individual health is our scared responsibility and property. By forcing you to do anything to your body you are being forced to go against your conscience... To ignore your intuition is ignorance and that can never serve you.

Another question is- how far will you "put the collective first" before you even chose to heal your own wounds and traumas?

If we can't properly listen to each other- we can't grow. That means it's time to listen within and decide to pay attention to what's actually hurting.

By choosing to work on yourself first I believe we could each better understanding how to deal with the polarities out there. In my humble opinion- no actual change is possible otherwise...

Embracing the heavy consequences of whats transpiring on the planet right now (no matter which side you're on) shows a great urging need to focus on building new ways of working things out for everyone. Ideas anyone?


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