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The Power of Human Evolution

Updated: Apr 7

"Did you know that since 1781 (the discovery year of planet 'Uranus' by William Herschel) our physical bodies mutated to a ‘Uranian life cycle’ of 84 years? and as a result of that we gained 2 more energy hubs of information in our bodies?...."

For the last 243 years we have been called ‘Homosepians Intransitus’= a transitional form, preparing us towards the shift in background frequency starting February 2027. Before the discovery of Uranus our energy was rooted in fear, strategizing how to control, divide & conquer in order to survive.

Since 1781 we've been slowly discovering our capacities to expand our consciousness through one another. We’re gradually becoming even more sensitive to the wholeness of who we really are- which is why the mechanics of each individual’s energetic system can be seen through a BodyGraph with 9 centers.

Turns out this information only became available to us since the early 90's. In 1987, the Canadian Alan Krakower got contacted by a voice representing his highest dimensional self and made sure he would pay the information forward so Humanity can benefit. Its a powerful long story I will share with you some day. Most importantly is that you know that the 'Human Design System' was introduced to the world thanks to Alan's ability to initiate it in its entirety After his efforts were approved scientifically he changed his name to Ra Uru Hu.

The following video is by Leann Wolff. Now a powerful teacher who was once a student of Ra Uru Hu. This video talks about this transition and what it means for us today:

If you wanted to know the difference between the 9 centered being model and the 7 chakra system this would be a great article to learn from.

As 9 centered beings we are capable of having communion with others where we can speak our truth and deal with our emotions intelligently.

The good thing is that the “background frequency” of the "tribal control"era we've been during the last 412 years (The Cross of Planning) is now finally disintegrating. We were in an era that was asking from us as individuals to "support the tribe". In February 2027 we are shifting into a different background frequency that brings the sovereign individual’s empowerment to the forefront (The Cross of the Sleeping Pheonix rising out of the ashes). Being that we’re all connected to source energy- we are all recognized as Divine and capable of Enlightenment. Capable of Evolution. Capable of Consciousness Expansion that lasts beyond this lifetime. We no longer need any external role models to become sovereign. We have all we need within us.

Watch this video by Sam Zager talking about the new global cycle shift that is upon us in 2027. Sam is a Projector teacher I’ve been enjoying learning from on YouTube. She has the Transmitter energetic role which I do too;

As you can see in my chart I have 2 full channels- channel 26-44 between my heart and intuition as well as channel 18-58 between the intuition and the root. Our full channels define what our energetic roles are. For me its being a transmitter & an optimizer.

Channel 18-58 reveals a compelling combination of attributes, such as a passion for life (58), a quest for perfection (18), and an intense desire to correct what a soul with this channel perceives to be wrong (otherwise also called 'the channel of judgement').

Take for example the topic- “the illusion of separation”… this is something I have been meditating on for the past few years... When death comes and we go back to source- all of us will be reunited with it… In that case why pretend we’re separate from one another now?...

Admittedly this is hard to grasp sometimes in the “physical reality” where duality is one of the 4 main teachings.  Duality creates the illusion of separation but I believe that we are ready to find constructive ways to bring people together in ways that surpass any superficiality where we might still be caught up with old paradigm programming of "must compete to survive" or "must do as told to survive".

This is where brave vulnerability comes in. Your soul empowerment isn’t entirely depended on how others perceive you rather on how you perceive yourself…

Within the Quarter of Duality you can find “The gate of depth”- 48 which you can see 4 times I my chart, indicating a huge part of my soul purpose. This energy is in my Conscious & Unconscious Pluto (the planet of death and rebirth). It’s also in my Unconscious Mars (business skills) & Unconsciousness Venus (relationship & core values…)

Where am I taking this article? Into the curiosity of our soul empowerment (as a a collective, as individuals and as a tribe)...

I recommend everyone to implement more being-ness in their life… so you can focus on the things to last you a whole lifetime- your relationships, the optimal health of your body, the optimal health of your mind and the optimal health of your spirit.

Unlike the old days we don't have to drop everything and move to the Himalayas in order to be in peace... we can now learn to observe our "inner chatter" by learning our Human Design. Recognizing that my soul's trajectory is to "become the observer" helped a lot (the trajectory takes us from what we are not to what we are here to become. We can determine our trajectory by talking the Personality Sun/ Earth Color (in my case 6= born as "observed" here to become "an observer") then Tone to determine if left or right (in my case left= strategic mind).

These key notes may not tell you much yet however studying your Human Design chart will strengthen your inner knowing of your tendencies so you can make better sense of things more easily. Often time when we act without thinking about the consequences of what we say or do- our reality is affected. What if we could shift our reality with our action first? What would we do then?

Fortunately am already implementing this. I am meeting and holding space for more beautiful heart felt celebrations of new and old relationships. I hold space for any of the difficult relationships in my life to heal. I show up online as I am as much as I can.

May you all find kindness and tenderness within yourselves to show up as you are in the world… and may your sovereignty illuminate those around you.

If you wanna learn more- feel free to book a reading with me at your earliest convenience:


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