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Heart opening Music

Updated: Mar 29

As a musician who's been on a journey of spiritual awakening for over 23 years now- I find my journey excitingly unique and very transformative, which seems to align with many other's journeys.

Given that I've enjoyed music production creativity so much it fulfilled my desires to learn, to observe my mind, to express myself & to enjoy publishing my work. It entertains me both from the right side of my brain and from the left side of my brain...

Here is a glimpse into a piece I published in 2020 which feels like an amazing way to connect to a most sacred part of my spiritual growth. This is an integration of many things I love doing and feel called to do in my life...

Finding My way- is a fun artistic project I enjoyed both on the audio side and the visual side. I must say that leaving the busy city life I once knew and enjoyed brought deeper satisfaction and reconnection with nature. My ability to draw the energy from doing it is where my healing takes place... What a blessing... And for that I am "Finding My Way" by vibrating within my own unique design... musically, energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually...

Produced and published in 432Hz


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