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Heart opening Music

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

As a professional classical musician who met with the journey to spiritual enlightenment 20 years ago- I find my journey excitingly unique and very much fitting for this powerful time of ascension.

I enjoy music production creativity as it fulfills my desire to learn, observe my mind. express myself and publish my work. It is as if it entertains both the right side and the left side of my brain...

Here is a glimpse into a piece I recently published on my page , which feels like an amazing way to connect to the most sacred part of my spiritual growth. The integration of everything I love, do, feel attracted to and called to do in my life.

Electro Tribal Disco- This is a concept piece- "In celebration of life's pulsating energy" It shows energy through movement, colors and kaleidoscopic effects (sacred geometry of life)... It is part of my 2021 catalog and is intended to bring about inner peace & health. The piece was created for the purpose of celebration, dance and getting into the body... feel yourself... highly recommended to close your eyes and dance barefoot in nature... enjoy yourself and feel the music... (Recommended to listen with headphones for best enjoyment...)

Produced and published in 432Hz, the Harmonic Intonation of Nature.

This is a frequency that is helping us activate our "right brain functions" which is:

1. Feelings based

2. Big picture oriented based

3. Imagination/ dream based,

4. Symbols and images based (vs. words and language based)

4. present and future based (vs. present and past based)

5. Philosophy and spirituality based (vs. math and science based)

6. Self trust based

7. Appreciation based

8. Spatial perception based

9. Object knowledge based (vs. object name base)

10. Sees possibilities and willing to take risks

Finding My way- This was a very fun artistic project I enjoyed on both audio and visual sides. Leaving the busy city life I once knew and enjoyed. I feel that the move has given me a lot of satisfaction and a deeper reconnecting with nature as well as with my ability to draw energy from it... A true blessing! And for that I am "Finding My Way" and vibrating in my own unique signature... musically, energetically ,emotionally, physically and spiritually...

Produced and published in 432Hz


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