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The gifts of 'Self Empowerment'

‘Self Empowerment’ has nothing to do with your false sense of self (ego). It’s not about gaining any ‘power’ either. We've all been conditioned to think that power is either measured by money, prestige or hierarchal position. That can only work in your advantage if you are ok to giving your powers away in order to get that. My question is- is'nt it more worth your precious life to actually learn how to embody your power yourself, without being conditioned by any social rules?.. You see, only you can chose to give any power to others over you, but are you able and willing to examine whether that energy you're giving power to gives you back? In other words- does it actually serve you? Because if its not serving you- you may have lost touch with the fact that you deserve to be treated as a divine being by anyone you chose to give your powers to. In the case that you dont feel as if you've been treated fairly- please know that it is always in your power to disown that which doesn't serve you, but you'll have to raise up to the occasion in order to do that. Unless you take the power back in your hands- you are being overpowered by others that dont have your best interests at hands. When it comes to money, recognizing that you can't survive or function without it- does it give you any power to say so or does it actually take your power away? If you dont feel empowered by survival mentality I dont blame you. I've been there too and eventually I had to surrender to the higher power and experienced a new wonderful way teaching me how to embody my powers myself.

What I've learned is that true empowerment is actually about our own abilities to embody the powerful natural elements available and given to us by the universe. Use them as your own medicine and you’ll be empowered.

Starting from igniting your inner fire- your true passion for life… your motivation… the thing that gets you up in the morning… your desire to create, to enjoy, to be yourself, to be loved and to be of value. As you let it burn through you- let it also help you transcend any fears which might be blocking you from achieving your vision and your heart felt desires.

Using your 'air medicine' properly helps you to attract your vibrational match. Learning the power of your words in combination with the understanding of the 'law of attraction'.

You are a divine being and you deserve to be seen, heard, acknowledged, accepted and loved. You also deserve to express yourself so that you'll never have to suppress your light ever again. You will find the people that are able to accept and love you as you are once you'll be able hold that vibration of worthiness for yourself. Know you are worthy, know you are divine. Speak of yourself in that way and know that you already have what you want. The universe wants you to have that. It is here to assist you to get what you want but you’ll have to acknowledge this power if you want to attract the vibration that will match to yours. You only attract according to your words, so it is important to be very conscious of what you say.

Once you’ve attracted your tribe support, together you can co-create and build your shared visions (granted that they are your vibrational match). That is when you allow your ‘earth medicine’ to ground you into the roots of this amazing planet so that together you can be powerful and continue helping one another attracting more and more vibrational matches. That is how you bring the flow of the 'water medicine' to your life and as it simply flows through you- you continue to hold the vibration of gratitude and keep inspiring others.

That is true empowerment!


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