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Your human life is a divine gift. Don't be afraid to protect it

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

The "natural order", that which gives you life- is above any man made laws or ideology. Time we respect it and protect it.

I think we can all agree that the creation of any human body embodying an eternal soul- is a gift from source, designed so magnificently to function by the same high power that created it... therefor it knows how to heal itself if we just leave it be.

Dolores Cannon, an American hypnotherapist once said that the body is not designed to get sick. What gets it sick is the unconscious inhibitor of the body.

In that case, why do many people still think they need to control the natural order to achieve what they consider "health"? Don't they see that the word "health" comes from the ability to "heal"?

We attune to this divine creation, our bodies, beyond our minds... This miraculous "machine" is usually given to us in perfect shape when we are born (unless one is suffering from defects appearing during pregnancy). It stopps working perfectly because somewhere along our life journey because we unconsciously mess with it.

Most people are completely unaware of how their body changes over time, running on auto pilot would do that.

After years of researching Peruvian Amazonian plant medicines- I began sensing that the way the locals study the body was coming from a deep appreciative acknowledgment of working with the body's own intelligence. These natives have dedicated their entire lives to the study of the "divinely designed human body" as part of the echo system. Therefor they knew it is "beyond perfect". It can literally survive by healing itself naturally.

Thanks to technological advancements we can now access improvements in the natural healing modalities that don’t actually mess with the body's natural divinity. However, I feel that once we have allowed someone to tell us what’s better for our body and health or even worst- allow them to teach us how to adopt to the ways which do not resonate with our nature- that natural design of the body’s function gets heavily disturbed. And the “natural order” becomes out of balance.

If we are messing with the natural order we are messing with god's wisdom and therefor we are messing with that higher power. It is as if you say- I don't trust in a higher power. What do you think happens when you unconsciously out out that thought into the universe? It simply gives you back what you're asking- it takes the higher power away from your life equation.

For example. Breathing CO2 back into you body, having to wear a mask- is not what our bodies have been designed to do. We’re suppose to omit CO2 during exhalation into the open air. Not back into the body. That can not and never have been safe to do on a regular basis. Studies show that if we continue to do this often- there will be negative consequences.I believe this has gotten our divine alignment messed up beyond comprehension at this point. We absolutely need the fresh air to be healthy and keep a string immune system. That is why I dont support blocking your air flow at any time.

We also need all bacterias and viruses to enter our bodies freely- in order to develop strong immunity and not seclude ourselves from it all of a sudden. This behavior will only weaken us more and more and by agreeing to this we are unconsciously allowing others to mess up with our bodies.

This in my opinion is an unconscious manifestation of one huge crime against humanity which we all must stop ignoring. By participating in this crime we are submitting to this absurdity. The masks should never be used again as they are absolutely harmful to our health. We certainly don't have to allow it anymore ! All we have to do is unite and find a way to do things in a manner that supports the natural order, not go against it.


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