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Your human life is a 'Divine Manifestation' worthy of being honored.

Updated: Mar 29

I think we can all agree that the manifestation of our human body which embodies an eternal soul within it- is the most powerful gift we can ever get from the highest power. A gift that knows how to heal itself when/if we just let it be.

Dolores Cannon, an American hypnotherapist once said that" the body is not designed to get sick. What gets it sick is the unconscious inhibitor of the body".

In that case, why do so many of us still think we need to control the natural order to achieve perfect "health"? when you come to think of it- doesn't it seem super interesting that the word "healthy"comes from the words "heal-thy"?

I feel that when we attune to our divine creation- we can best serve our bodies beyond our minds... Most people are completely unaware of how their body changes over time, letting it run on auto pilot to some degree... After years of researching Peruvian Amazonian plants- I began sensing that the way these natives studied the body was coming from a deep appreciation of the body's innate intelligence. The natives dedicate their entire lives to being a part of the echo system. Therefor they know the body's strength and can survive by intuitively knowing how to heal it naturally.

Thanks to technological advancements we can now encourage improvements in our natural healing abilities which don’t end up messing with the body's powers. However, I feel that once we allow someone else to tell us what’s better for our own body and health or even worst- allow them to teach us ways which do not resonate with our intuition- we may experience more dis-eases than we like. The natural design of each body’s function can get heavily disturbed with mental programming and that is how our “natural order” becomes out of balance.

If we are messing with our "natural order" (our unique design) we are destined to suffer as we are essentially messing with the higher power's wisdom. It is as if you'd say to yourself- "I don't really trust in my higher powers". What do you think happens when you unconsciously put out that thought into your universe? It will give you back what you're creating- it will take the higher power away from your life's creation until you call it back to your creation field. Its all up to you.


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