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The prosperity age of sacred Knowledge

Updated: Mar 29

When it comes to music, I've always loved the element of "creating a vibe" while performing or producing. I've been attracted to the word "vibration" from an early age.

In the last few years, as I constantly continue to expand my consciousness- I feel attracted to research 'sacred geometry' in nature.

Being a musician as well as a student of consciousness made it clear to me that I wanted to align with the understanding of how vibration works, and for that I intuited that I needed to tap more into nature itself.

I begun studying "The power of 12" in nature by Anne Brewer. Anne calms to have been contacted by high dimensional non physical beings, delivering her the sacred knowledge of 12 to share with humanity and dedicat it to assist the ascension process. Her book explains that each of us have 12 creative powers that are fundamental for us to use as these are aspects of "the nature of the Divine". Understanding the true potential of these creative energies and how to engage their powers leads to living a richly blessed life.

In the Bible the number 12 is considered a perfect number that symbolizes God's power and authority. In early civilization, twelve became a very important number to mathematicians and astronomers. Twelve is a number that is divisible by 2,3,4 and 6 as well as by itself and 1. ... Astronomers discovered the average time it takes the Earth to make a complete circle around the Sun- 12 months.

The number 12 is directly related to the alignment of all mathematical calculations of sound vibration . When we take the note A and tune it to 432 Hz, we are in fact in direct proportion to that mathematical alignment. And yet, this sacred knowledge is considered a "conspiracy theory" by the masses regardless of the fact that our ancestors gave it to us as a 'key code' & a 'harmonic tuning frequency' about 6000 years ago. They went through the trouble of etching this code into stone sites around the world and build it into many of the architectures around the world (The Giza Pyramids in Egypt for example).

This code is shown in the mathematics of the Golden Ratio & in Sacred Geometry. It is said that when we listen to it we experience an improvement in our health and overall well being..

Eric Rankin (Author of "The Aquarians") has discussed in his "Sonic Geometry" workshops that the relationship between a triangle, a square, a circle and other polygons- is all related to the number 12. If you were to take the numbers that sum their interior angles and turn them into harmonics- they play as numerically perfect harmonics.

This knowledge has been kept away from the masses. We were ALWAYS deprived of knowledge that was liberating to us individually, by rulers and the high echelons who wanted to keep it for themselves in order to control our consciousness for their gain.

They didn't want us to evolved pass them...

So they kept it hidden for the longest time and therefor conveniently kept us conditioned within a reality that is not allowing us to truly thrive. (I highly recommend the film Thrive 1 & 2 to understand the importance of the vibration of thriving).

However, now that our technological tools have advanced- we can share this information across the world. All we have to do is listen and examine for ourselves. Study. Research. All the old programming continue simply because we have been programmed to stay distracted with survival thinking therefor many can’t fathom that the system is not here to support them.

The entertainment industry was designed to distract us from the truth. We’ve been listening to frequencies that do nothing good for our consciousness since the 1930’s.

The A-440Hz mind manipulation started in 1939 and was encouraged, propagated and executed by the Nazis (Dr. Joseph Goebbles was known as the father of propaganda who halted the advancement of humanity through music= vibration to keep us OUT of resonance.

How can sound that is not perfectly tuned keep us out of resonance? If the math is wrong the pineal gland will in fact stay dormant.

It has always been up to the individual to activate it, to be able to fully understand it. The current access we have to this knowledge is in fact the core of the reason this secret knowledge is now known as “the Occult teachings” and the fact it has been hidden from the masses for centuries is just becoming exposed.

Because as long as the gland isn’t active- we don’t know who we truly are and our souls won’t know what is their highest potential (of all infinite possibilities) because to understand our soul’s grand purpose we have to be aware that we have been mislead by programming and that isn’t easy to digest.

Luckily, with the manifestation of the 'Human Design System' (1987) we now have a super powerful system to decipher our soul's blueprint and therefor we can now see who we are as a soul. We can finally find out why we're here. Together with 432Hz sound vibration healing we have a chance to get more accurate in the way we find out our true purpose in life.

Yet before that happens for an individual- he or she must know that they aren't truly free by nature. The freedom to be who you are takes knowledge.

In 2024 we don’t collectively know yet what freedom actually means... we are collectively used to be shackled for so many life times... which is why this is the time to break free from the enslavement once and for all!

Wanna understand more about the nature of human evolution as a whole? Check out my livestreams on Youtube: I offer a platform for self actualization through the witnessing of improvisation (a right brain art) on a cello tuned to the vibration of the Earth- A432Hz which also shows to increase and activate all right brain functions: Intuition, creativity & imagination...


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