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The Sovereign Being

Updated: Mar 21

Given that I’ve been very open and vulnerable about my life on social media these past few years- I am slowly realizing that my worst enemy is actually myself… I started noticing that when I tell myself that others might not love or connect with the real me- the manifestation of that is actually on me…

I appreciated many of the comments on my rather PROVOCATIVE FACEBOOK POST  the other day... and given that I do recognize that I create my reality within me- only I can take back my powers and give myself a big pat on my back for my achievements in life...

Fears aren’t real unless we believe them. That’s how powerful we are. When I learn to watch my fears and don't get attached to them- they disappear. Fears, Demons, Shadows- they all disappear and transform into a higher vibration.

That's what each gate in #humandesign represents. The journey from the shadow aspect of that gate towards the gift of that gate and eventually into the enlightened manifestation of that gate.

So if my worst enemy is my fear of inadequacy then perhaps its time to put down my own armors & arrows... and maybe all of us can do it in a collective way...

Because if we want to believed in a "peaceful world"- I think we might want to start with ourselves first before we can even take it to our closest relationships, within our own homes.

None of us is “perfect” nor should be expected to be. All of us have different challenges which no one knows about. Even within our families- we never know what someone is going through unless they tell you about it...

We all deserve to be heard, seen, accepted for who we truly are as we are all entirely different in the way we are wired to the earth. We are each justified in a divine orchestrated sacred geometry kind of way. And that is your unique beautiful 'Human Design' right. To be you.

I believe we chose our physical incarnation, and that we're not here by accident. I also believe that everyone's life is precious and therefor our powers must be remembered by us.

No one is above the other yet some will try to pretend.

We have the power to work together if we remember that the individual is only safe within a tribe that supports its individuality.

And to be the healthy shining and vibrant individual that you are designed to be- you need to treat yourself with love and care or else you will stay in the low vibration, suffer and miss out on the many gifts of life…

I start by showing up as myself, right here right now. And I invite you to do the same. Show up for yourself as yourself. Be the authentic you which you know is so gifted. Stand for your rights and celebrate your life. You can’t go wrong when you’re in your vortex= your truth, your light, your flow, your worthiness, your divinity, your godliness, your endless conscious energy source. That is your right. To live your true signature until you’re ready to move out of this divine vessel.

I love you…



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