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What is Duality?

Updated: Mar 29

In Mattias De Stefano's teachings- "duality" is a dimension of creation. A force that allows us to create a lot of realities so that "the self" can see different perspectives of itself.

In this article I attempt to bring light onto Stefano's teachings, with the intention of connecting the dots between the"Right Brain" and the "Left Brain". This, I believe- can help us understand our human potential, as we better understand duality.

Negatives and positives are the 2 energies that pull out from the core of "unity consciousness". They are in a constant "dance", creating a spiral of energy. This spiral creates energy by constantly moving back and forth from dark to light, creating what we call- vibrations & frequencies. This dance is created by a network of spirals which represent our day to day life. There is no "good" & "bad" in the universe. There is ONLY neutrality which needs both negatives & positives to "establish creation again and again".

In duality everything is evolving all the time, nothing ever stays the same. The only constant in the universe is the fact that everything is moving and transforming. We like to believe that if we’re stable- we’re going to be good, but that’s an illusion. If you get too stable in your life something will have to happen to push you outside of your comfort zone so that you can find a different perspective of yourself to balance what is currently out of balance. It may not be very obvious at times but this is the law of energy- It must constantly move to stay balanced.

Any "crisis" for example, is very good for your universe because it pushes you towards evolution. We each need dark forces and light forces to evolve. We can not chose just one of them. The only way we can live in balance is if we have the same amount of energy in both directions.

Christianity made us think that compassion is to help others. However, others are a projection of ourselves and the only way we can help others is if they are in their core balance and are coherent within themselves. Only than, by our act of just being ourselves- can we share that passion with them. Only than they can wake up, as they are seeing that we are well, and in our center. We need each other to grow.

How you share and feel about yourself and your balanced duality- is your creation. Your words create everything...


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