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'Sovereign Liberation' and how its related to the art of 'Intimate Cello'

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

"Becoming a great writer involves taking huge risks. Its all about the responsibility to be true to yourself while remaining impeccable with your words by "walking your talk" in the world"... ... attracting genuine satisfaction that will effortlessly align all areas of your life- health, love, community, connection to nature, spirituality, finances and more...

Much like in my public professional life where I am known for my abilities to "compose music on the spot in front of live audiences"- I have recognized that my"inner dialogue" with myself affects my performance quality as well as everyone else's experience of it.

If I am not present- you will hear it in the music. Therefor, when I follow my inner impulse to trust my inner guidance instead of fear my inner guidance- I am immediately present and I actually enjoy the challenges presented in each and every second (!) of that performance. Learning that helped me realize that this quality of presence is HUGE for me. Why? beyond the fact that I enjoy playing really well all the time, it also shows me that much like me- others can overcome their biggest fears/ challenges in life- by facing that we each get to consciously chose what vibration we want to embody in our actions.

You get to live and lead your life according to your own awareness of your innate higher powers. And with all due respect- the AI system is not what I am referring to. We have that much power to entirely relay on our abilities, when we truly and most authentically chose to believe in ourselves.

This inner recognition inspired me to build a platform for my consciousness experiments called "Intimate Cello'. This platform showcases the choice to inspire others to tap into their powerful abilities.

Your inner power is what make you a "Sovereign Being". Nature helps us all tap into our inner God. When we merge with it in our authentic relaxation we can activate "God consciousness" from within us. In my experience- it activates joy, gratitude, inner satisfaction, bliss & genuine comfort within myself... I feel like I'm living in alignment with nature which allows me to embody my own sovereignty best... because I get to chose how I want to show up and have fun with life in my own way...

So you might be wondering how can you experience the same but in your way?... This is where Human Design comes (HD) into the picture. According to HD- every soul in the universe that manifests an incarnation within a body choses to return for very unique reasons. This is not just on Earth. Yet on Earth "fear" has been running the show not allowing souls to reach their highest potential. Watch "The Volunteers" to get context to this knowledge:

This video isn't directly related to HD however it helps us recognize that we are so much more than we thought we are. And when we realize that we are each designed completely differently- we can learn to support each other to make choices that are in alignment with our unique designs (HD).

Most of us don't live in alignment with our unique HD and that is largely due to our programming, where suffering such as frustration, bitterness and anger become the tool to understand the misalignment in itself. We are all here to make unique individual choices which need to feel right to us at all time. Being that HD is referred to as a Mandala of the "consciousness of now" it is showcasing a mix of spiritual sciences that have been celebrated on Earth for generations such as- Western Astrology, I-Ching, Vedic Philosophy and the Jewish Kabala (Tree Of Life). HD shows us that all cycles of evolutions are here to serve the large cosmic collective. The global threats, Duality, Fear of survival- are very much related to a global cycle that is astrologically scheduled to end in 2027. There have been endless of ways to get lost in artificial unsupportive data that will not empower you.. But it is ultimately the individual 's choice to allow for any of it to be a threat or not. To get more context to this knowledge watch the following video:

This inner space happens for most people on an unconscious level yet it affects you just as it would on a conscious level, so might as well learn to become more conscious of your choices. If you believe you aren't really the powerful creator who chose to incarnate to the specific container at a specific cosmic alignment to serve your purpose here- its entirely up to you. But if you believe you're powerful- than you are. And if you don't believe that you are powerful- than you are not! Always your choice!

Intimate Cello is here to offer an opportunity for human beings to consciously connect with their inner powers through intention using the Quantum Field.

Our genuine inner love for our unique life can help us move mountains together as we chose to remember that we are here to work together. Only than can we create a satisfying reality together. We didn't come here to suffer alone but to live in constant collective satisfaction. One must learn how to unconditionally love oneself first, only then can he/she offer a hand to the other.

If you want to explore more- connect to us via this link:


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