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"Who Am I"?...

The existential question- "Who am I?" has been coming up for many of us all over the world- especially during the last few years... And even though we might at times be consumed with survival, unconscious distraction & entertainment- sooner or later we get to face- why we are actually here... What's the purpose of this life... and we attempt to connect the dots for ourselves- for a better deeper understanding of who we actually are... (an enigma to most...)

Consciousness, awareness & mindfulness are here to help us take our powers back in our hands and remember that we are the creators of our lives. From a 'Human Design' perspective- we are each a perfect & unique sacred geometry unto itself... a 'fractal' of the whole, embedded in a single human body... We each were born to embody 'Divine Consciousness' and serve through our unique 'Auras' which then extract our unique soul medicine. Do you already know which one is your unique soul medicine? Are you thriving and experiencing the ultimate success through soul satisfaction? Are you living in alignment with your purest nature...? If not- chances are you might still have some heavy 'de-conditioning work' to do... and this is where Intimate Cello can help as it is a de-conditioning art...

The above Intimate Cello Live-stream offers:

1. Channeled Music- showcasing 'composed on the spot' performance that come from the intention for "devotional presence".

2. Spoken Wisdom- showcasing wisdom from the 'Human Design System' where we 'connect the dots' to the uniqueness of the soul blueprint.

As a composer I have released numerous Indie Productions & Publications carrying my soul essence and a style which embodies self awareness and awakening. During the past 14 years my Label- 'CelliPop Records' published music on Spotify & iTunes under 4 different entities: RutiCelli, Fern & Celli, Into The Frequency & Intimate Cello.

This healing art is here to help us all remember that we are %100 capable of being our True Highest Self at all times. In Human Design we call it "living in alignment with one's unique design". It means being aware of your authority & aura type (more on this during my broadcasts, sound Journeys and private readings).

To inquire about working with me privately:

I believe that utilizing the Human Design system can help Humanity deal with "modern day anxieties" and walk towards a life of true purpose and satisfaction- utilizing joy, optimal health & the energy to thrive!

On the musical side of things- I work with the powerful frequency that comes from the tuning system of A-432Hz known as a mathematical key code & a harmonic tuning frequency our ancestors utilized 6000 years ago. They went through the trouble of etching this code into many sacred sites around the world (The Giza Pyramids in Egypt for example). It is also shown in the mathematics of the Golden Ratio & in Sacred Geometry.

The experience of listening to the cello tuned to concert A- 432Hz can help us activate out right brain/ subconscious mind- by igniting our intuition, creativity, imagination & cosmic connection to our soul. Channeling our higher soul knowledge/ Higher Self/ Divine Source Energy/ God Consciousness- is a Divine Gift we can ALL access.

These past few years my international exposure helped inspiring countless individuals to explore the potential of what listening to music tuned to A- 432Hz can bring about to our consciousness expansion.

Join me live for this interactive experience. I welcome you all to tap into your being-ness through the power of your presence.


1. Prepare a quiet space for your online session, without interruptions.

2. Consider adding a candle/ incense/ bottle of water/ your favorite journal/ eye mask...

3. Use Headphones

NOTE: This is a similar experience to what you can expect from a group session. However, to experience this in private which is even more potent and personalized kindly visit:

Looking forward to feeling your presence in the 'Quantum Field' during the broadcast...

Much love & see you on the Livestream...


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