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The power of Perspective

Updated: Mar 28

You know… After moving to the Redwoods forest in November 2020 I got such a good perspective on my life… a perspective I could never get during my busiest city girl days… I could finally be more present with myself and feel into myself... And when I say “myself” I mean- my true nature…

I remember 3 years ago sitting on the balcony of my old house in Guerneville, CA (which I still visit from time to time)… and when I used to sit there it was as if I could finally connect to the higher power. My higher power.

Now that I live in a cabine in the middle of a 50 achers farm in Occidental, CA- I am offering exclusive private retreats for people to get perspective into their higher powers. I give them their individual human design readings where they are reminded how uniquely they are "wired to the earth" and connected to their higher powers while looking at the energetic blueprint of their charts, followed by a sound medicine Journey in 432hz to simmer their body (the subconscious) in that very power…

In this experience you are encouraged to connect and appreciate everything as deeply as possible. Nobody else is giving this offering because it is entirely tailored and unique to the sacred geometry of my soul. Showing the collective that that we are each one of a kind and that being %100 immersed and loving to be you is not only healthy but necessary for your soul evolution...

Since my early 20's there has been a powerful father figure in my life with whom I learend what the soul actually means. He was a modern medicine man who saw me for my unique soul qualities and related from his unique qualities. I will never forget his effect on me and now that I am able to see him within me i can show up differently in the world too... I turned around the way I idealized him as from- "unattainable wisdom" to being a super powerful character in a play I get to direct. The play of my life. I used to project my daddy issues on him only to one day realize that he was just a mirror of me. On all levels of the word.

According to the American Hypnotherapist Dolores Canon "Life is nothing but a play- we get to chose to see it however we want since we are the creators of our own play in which we also get to be its main characters. We are each also our play's audience observing everything and learning from it as well as its screen writer who can edit and changes the plot anytime we want.

It’s about having fun and enjoying the process of manipulating energy which is why we all incarnated...

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