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My Journey

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Transformation is the key to evolution.

In my early teens I already began striving with ambition to be the best cellist, the best professional musician, you name it... Always aiming to prove and improve. This was me on the outside. On the inside my journey turned more creative as I began meditating, reading soulful literature, immersing myself in spirituality which eventually lead to more introspection through writing, intuitive meditation, joyful & intimate music production journey as well as my improvisation journey... I love making spontaneous videos and get into a productive mode. I began writing to express my passion for healing myself with words and now I get to turn it into “words of offerings". Words are so important for our ascension. I'm in the midst of writing about it and will be sure to publish it all here.

I didn’t invent anything I speak about, I simply allowed it to form into being my own way. I began trusting my intuition a lot more and literally allow myself to ease into my being. Falling in love with myself might sound off putting to some but the truth is its an outcome of trust and presence.


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