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Transformation is the key to evolution

Updated: Mar 29

In my early teens my ambition was to be the best cellist... Always aiming to prove and improve. This was me on the outside. On the inside my journey turned more creative as I began meditating, reading soulful literature, immersing myself in spiritual content which eventually lead to more introspection through writing, intuitive meditation through a joyful intimate music production and improvisation journey... I now realize the joy of spontaneous creativity. Its intoxicating to my soul...

I began writing to express my passion for healing myself with words.

I feel that words are super important for our ascension. I'm in the midst of studying "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. And one of them is- to always "be impeccable with your words"... Wow... Talk about an inner transformation...

I now allow my my inner vision to dictate my speech. I am trusting my intuition more then ever and allow myself to ease into my being-ness by being what I love to be- my natural unique self...

Falling in love with oneself might sound off putting to some but to tell you the truth- its the best feeling in the world and all it takes is pure trust and presence with oneself...


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