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Intimate Cello- a sovereign art

A story about an intentional art, created to serve humanity during the time of the Great Awakening.

RutiCelli is a passionate musician who has been on a spiritual path for the past 20 years.

Her world recently shifted from being a typical hired professional freelance musician to an awakened artist discovering and sharing her true identity as a free spirit.

'Intimate Cello' was born as an improvisational art, performed on a cello tuned to A- 432Hz, also known as "The Harmonic Intonation of Nature". It is inspired by the many published studies exposing this tuning system as a powerful tool that helps synchronizing the 2 hemispheres of the brain. As a result it shows to activate creativity, imagination, intuition and one's deepened connection to the cosmos.

This art is created for ‘The Intuitive Adult Archetype’, the human that finds wholeness in mysticism, dreaming of new earth as an empowered planet.

Intimate Cello is a cross between performance & a sound healing art- facilitating experiences for folks to tap into the edges of their right brain powers. In a world dominated by rules & dogmas- intuition becomes the much needed component for balance.

Improvisation in itself is a right brain art and when performed in 432Hz it becomes a doorway to one’s subconscious.

The intention of this experience is to develop a super boosted Inner guidance system that exudes authority and sovereignty.


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