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Intimate Cello- a sovereign art

Updated: Mar 29

As a passionate musician who has been on a spiritual path for last 23 years, my world recently shifted from being a hired professional freelance musician to an awakened artist discovering and sharing her true identity as a free spirit.

'Intimate Cello' was born as an improvisational art, performed on my cello as its tuned to A- 432Hz, also known as "The Harmonic Intonation of Nature". It is partly inspired by the many published studies exposing this tuning system as a powerful tool that helps synchronizing the 2 hemispheres of the brain. As a result it shows to activate creativity, imagination, intuition and allows us for a deeper connection within our inner cosmos.

This art is dedicated to support intuitive adults who are seeking to remember their wholeness. This is the kind of inner work that is intended to support the kind of humans who are preparing to embody the upcoming paradigm shift.

Intimate Cello is also bringing codes from The Human Design System which is bringing the essence of remembering who we already are as individuals. You can get a reading mixed with a sound healing subconsciously receiving this frequency code blessings to help you become more familiar with your true self, away from all programming.

This unique hybrid of performance, sound frequency healing and Human Design is only possible due to my unique soul blueprint. I am designed to put myself on the spot taping into my intuition fully while composing music on the spot.

In a world dominated by rules & dogmas- intuition becomes the much needed component for healthy balance.

Improvisation in itself is a right brain art and when performed in 432Hz it becomes a doorway to one’s subconscious...

The intention of this art is to develop a powerful Inner guidance system that exudes inner authority and sovereignty.


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