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The Evolution of Human Consciousness

I like to see myself as a conscious creative soul... constantly expressing herself, touching on what she's seeing and sensing in the world around her... particularly focused on things she's learning...

Here is something I'm currently learning about myself: I value letting go of all the mental programming that don't serve me anymore... Why? Because I see, feel and intuit that Earth has been moving into a paradigm, where reality literally shifts from the inside out. We will start to practice how to individually and collectively show up, embodying changes in a way we couldn't before. Times are changing. And by changing I mean we're move into "The Age of Aquarius" (Astrology) as well as to the New Global Cycle of The Sleeping Pheonix (Human Design), scheduled to shift in 2027.

And because I love Human Design so much I can't stop myself from showing creatively to this phenomenon. I am a "Projector" who's conscious personality is ruled by The Sun in the 26th gate, often referred to as "The Sacred Sales Person"... My Projector aura goes outwards like a cone- observing and "sponging" everyone, which is why my work is a direct result of what fascinates me in life- spirituality & art... (Human Design/Gene Keys/ Music performance/ Music Production/ Graphic Design/ Writing and many more!)

In general when it comes to marketing- "going beyond programming" can seem rather challenging yet, my values ( love, beauty, morals, relationships, comfort)- help me connect to my highest purpose in this life...

This is all based on Venus energy which is about to go Retrograde tomorrow (July 22 2023) for about 40 days. This will be an opportunity for us to connect the dots to our inner re-evaluation of what matters to us... Watch my livestream "Inner Re-evaluation" on YouTube this Monday (July 24th qt 7pm PST) to learn more about that.

Going beyond identity and programming has tremendous value in my experience and teachings. The message of my beloved spiritual Master was for me to become super alert and aware of all my mental programmings so that I can transcend and go beyond it. Unfortunately he left the body a few years ago yet I feel he would be very happy to hear that I'm publishing this article because its intended to serve all beings in their spiritual evolution.

It's funny, I generally present myself is as a "classically trained cellist who composes multi genre music on the spot using loopers and effects"... but because I realized that I am not my "identity"="programming" I chose to connect the dots between all my careers so that I can celebrate myself as a wholesome being offering all my passions.

In life and in relationships I realized that I generally do best "one on one" but when I'm in front of my audiences- we literally merge into oneness. We become "Intimate Cello" :) (the name of my growing enterprise)...

I chose to tune my instrument to A=432hz because it’s more relaxing for my busy mind to handle :) It really supports my creativity & intuition in the moment of creativity, which I love.... I was very curious to experiment with it once I read that playing on an instrument tuned to A-432Hz activates our Right Brain. So I tried it... and it really work for me!

Here is a touchy subject though- so many people don't like to admit that A-440Hz which is what most of the music industry is tuned to isn't that healthy for us as it bypasses the aright brain. It's hard to imagine that this was determined for us as a "Universal A" if its not that great for our creativity yet until you don't respect that evil is first and foremost internal, you won't be able to see it externally. Many people are still asleep to their inner shadows.

During World War 2 Earth was in a different frequency than it is now. A lower frequency =fear, was used to manipulate the majorities of souls on Earth.

A=440hz symbolizes an industry that was created to make money in 1940's. And much like other industries- people make money out of exploiting others. How? dumbing us down, which serve those in charge for the long run... It kills sensitivity and creates robots. We have been listening to a frequency both on the Radio, TV and on the many stages of the world- that I believe is designed to block our Right Brain causing us more damage than we can even comprehend...

Most of us still don’t get that the connection between sound vibration and consciousness can affect us negatively as well as positively. To consider that the music we love might not be healthy for our soul on some vibrational level is absurd (!) and hard to accept (!!) Especially to the ego… :)

Yet I feel it is necessary to be aware of all these things so that people can be even more sovereignly educated. There is duality to everything in life. Internally and externally. "As Within so without". The expression of the internal world vs. the expression of the external world is forcing us to connect the dots between the two by learning how to contain our internal sovereign truth.

The Evolution Of Consciousness within the conscious spiritual communities is shifting gears as there is more sovereign energy around. I feel we will greatly benefit by looking at our shadows openly together as a collective. It will certainly contribute to creating a Heal-thy-ier world.

This is where the Human Design & The Gene Keys come in. Getting to know yourself through a chart can be eye opening so listen to music channeled in A-432hz between the readings- it creates the internal healing as we bring balance between the two hemispheres of the brain. To process the lower expression of our unique codes we look at the shadow as well as the higher expression of the same codes. This is why I'm inspired to bring more simplicity into my offerings /artistic content/ events/ collaborations/ workshops etc...

My dream and reality are merging by becoming effortlessly successful as an authentic entrepreneur, who's an artist in essence yet her ability to go beyond all definitions serves the world as a break away from the old paradigm and a move/ embodiment the new paradigm...




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