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The Ultimate Technology is US.

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

There is uncertainty in my heart right now, filled with so many questions.

I would love for you to receive me as I am in this moment, being completely vulnerable... bravely facing an uncomfortable reality

This reality is about the future of AI.

I don't know the future but I know that our WORDS are like SPELLS. Everything we say creates an effect in the Quantum Field (the fabric of life).

Everyone seem to be talking about AI now, and often it is said how "its changing the way we sell". And how "the only thing that should keep us awake at night about AI is the fear of being left behind, not using it...”—

To me this is a bit like "casting a spell" on sleepy humans. And when a spell is invoking fear- it is actually called “dark magic”.

This does not only seem like a dangerous manipulative path but it also feels like an attempt to divide and divert us from the fact that “The Ultimate technology" in the universe is us, humans.

No matter how much money we can make with AI- the human soul is WAY more powerful than anything artificial can ever be. Humans have the potential to liberate themselves all at once just by waking up to their true spiritual essence.

Who knows, I may one day re-consider using AI... but only after I have investigated it thoroughly and know for a fact that it is proven to not be destructive. (Not sure that's the case at the moment...)

Critical thinking is needed to be considered with much more openness. Our Right Brain is the "inner space" where we get to listen to our "Inner Authority" (intuition, gut, emotional intelligence, heart etc) and ask ourselves if we resonate with what the external world is saying. In many of us the "Right Brain" seems slightly dormant these days, as we aren't culturally encouraged to "think for ourselves".

The pursuits of having more money will never be worth the risks we’re taking with AI. I've observed how people’s spiritual evolution have accelerated in the last 3 years, and at the same time many also experience the exact opposite- a devolution. The pandemic protocols disengaged folks from their thriving lives, from their radiance, from their inner guidance (third eye & pineal gland)... which makes many wonder if this "operation" was somehow done "on purpose".

Thoughts and words are what we're vibrationally omitting regularly. They are powerful and create realities. Even if you don't want to identify with your thoughts and words- you are constantly signaling the universe what you want as you speak and think. Some people don't consciously care to know their ultimate powers which is why it is so important they become more aware of their minds.

The pain I'm feeling in my heart is from hearing about the damage the pandemic protocols have caused all over the world. The uncomfortable truth is NOT going to go away anytime soon and we all better get used to hearing people sharing their vulnerable stories & experiences with it all.

Trying to scare people that they will "miss out" on making more money with AI after the world has taken such a huge financial hit during the pandemic- is brilliantly manipulative and is also how con artists work...

We know there is an ongoing accelerated spiritual war right now, behind the scenes... and to fight the darkness we need consciousness, so that people don’t continue falling pray to be further manipulated in the future.

Let’s wake up to our true essence, right here right now. I invite you all to start this process by reclaiming your powers to call forward your spiritual tribe... so you can manifest the support you deserve to have for your ongoing spiritual evolution... to go beyond being a limited, slave like existing human, convinced that it needs artificial intelligence- I invite you to genuinely find out if it does not lead you towards more distraction.

This is why self empowerment is so important these days... to live in higher vibration without the ongoing anxiety presented externally is a true goal of many...

Our essence as “Inspired Bodies” is indestructible. Only if you allow yourself to be manipulated by anything- you will...

To stop ALL the manipulations we HAVE to get smarter by going back to re-discover the essence of our life. To "know yourself" was the lesson Neo got in the movie The Matrix, so that he can fight the fight against the machine...

So. If you’re ready to tap into your essence, utilizing the tools of Intimate Cello-

I will personally help you to get to the bottom of “the programs you once bought” that convinced you that you're not as powerful. That you’re limited somehow…

No human is limited, unless you believe you are, then you truly are. You are that powerful.

To book your first session with Intimate Cello visit the following link.


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