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The Inquiry

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your mind and not sure how to manage it? I sure do...

In Human Design, it is explained that our "Crown Chakra Center”- is all about “the seeking of meaning”= which requires us to inquire beyond doubt in order to get to the bottom of the truth regarding any desired subject…

One of the things I love sharing with the world is "how we can identify our individual uniqueness around dealing with doubts" . The first thing I invite you to do is check out the "The Book Of Lines" . In this book it is explained that one of the crown center gates is Gate No. 63 = “Doubts”. This gate is all about the "transcendence of doubts", using the gift of “Inquiry”- (experimenting/ studying/ practicing/ observing/ living with an open mind) so that you can get to the "Sidhi" (=attainment) of "truth".

According to Human Design teachings the truth is found within the inquired mind understanding how/ why/ what we each manifest what we manifest so that we can understand how to be more in alignment with what we truly want to experience in this life. You have your individual journey alongside other individuals... Have you noticed how some people may not fully understand the power of knowing what they want to experience, leaving them to manifest a reality "by default", unable to comprehend how it all happened?...

Meditation helps. For me- each and every one of my manifestations needs my conscious observation so that I can make sure to take full responsibility that it all happens as a result of my vibration. My being open to inquire means- allowing myself to be observant without judgment. Learning about my vibrations has been one of the most fascinating journeys of my life. Is that the same for you??… do you find yourself wonder who you really are and why you're here?… I do… all the time… My Crown Center is considered "Open" which means I am as open as can be when it comes to seeking meaning within life's mysteries…

You might like to check this out too... I have been recently listening to the inspirational speaker/ channeler/author- Abraham Hicks and receiving the reminder to chose my thoughts and actions carefully. And that life doesn’t have to be a struggle at all and yet when it feels like it is- we can chose to take a step back and sit to meditate on it. We can look at it without judging ourselves or others reality changes. At times you might consider to be guided by the Earth Wisdom- by chosen a sacred plant medicine to bring you even closer towards loving yourself as a soul.

Do you resonate with the idea that life is like a game, that we get to play which has never ending cycles of lessons and do-over opportunities? these situations ask us to make aligned choices by being wholehearted in the choices we make in each and every moment... Do you see how not doubting in your choices can lead to learning the deepest truth available to you? so that you can improve your experiences by knowing the worth of true freedom and joy?...

In my experience doubting in mt intuition can not open me up to the 'Divine Inner Guidance' available to me, which has created so many inner conflicts… If you and I ever meet in person- ask me to share some stories with you regarding this topic. In fact I will sat that I have been publicly open about my conscious journey Cannabis- a sacred plant medicine which I address as a guide and an ally. In Human Design my dynamic life force (Conscious Sun energy) is described as an "open book" (gate 26)- which doesn't like hiding anything about itself from others… for me- embracing vulnerability allows me to speak to it as an inner power.

You too can get to your highest truth without depending on other people to teach you their experiences or suggest to follow other people inner guidance. I invite you to listen to Abraham Hicks talking about the"law of attraction" and how doubting yourself will keep manifesting in your life, through attracting others who also doubt in themselves. Try to go beyond doubt by not giving up on the truth that only you are here to tap into. Your intuition will never lie.

If you are interested to learn more about your 'Crown Center' (the top center on your human design body graph) and/ or you wish to receive more help in analyzing your Human Design chart- don't hesitate to book your Discovery call with me today (link below)... I can't wait to meet you :)


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