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The importance of Sovereignty

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

I recently found out that when I speak my truth to another being- I practicing my sovereignty...

I also realized that It’s up to me to determine how I want things to be manifested in the near and far future of my life.

All the ugly truth that is surfacing on a global scale now is also showing up within our individual lives. I believe it has to do with the teachings of "Non Duality"called- "As Within so without". "As Above So Below" etc...

During a recent interaction on Instagram I saw something within myself through someone else’s comment. It was an inner mirroring of sorts, showing me my own fear...

At first I felt triggered and threatened by what was said but eventually I realized that giving attention to negative energy supports actualizing it in my field of conscious creation.

I than remembered what I learned from the "non duality teachings" which I received years ago, reminding me that when I catch myself being suspicious, fearful, uncomfortable, unsure of something etc- I fall down vibrationally as well as propel that energy into manifestation!!

So I compassionately learned to catch myself in situations like this, and end up choosing the vibration I actually do want. And what I want is to use every situation in a positive way by either sharing it, talking about it or creating awarness around it. This way I might also inspire others to chose their higher vibrational responses...

I am learning to chose vibrations that represents how I actually want to feel- dealing with everything that is coming up in the external world right now isn't easy to say the least... Conscious practice of conscious manifestation is the key.

For example- focusing on the fear and horror spreading around the pandemic got me to speak the truth of my heart... How do relate to the issue- is the issue. My answer is- I encourage myself to speak from my heart and trust the process of being honest and truthful... because I know that when I speak my vibrational reality- I learn how to remain sovereign, without arguing/ combating/ fighting others... I carry on living in high vibration no matter what.

In Quantum Physics it is explained that no one can take over your manifestations powers unless you unconsciously give it to them.

The need for giving your consent is your freedom and your choice to honor it. This is a universal truth that no one can deny. No one can ignore or argue against this truth. We need to find a way to learn to respect individual sovereignty. Every sovereign being living on Earth must take full responsibility for their decisions.

Therefor, no one can force a vision upon you, especially if you do not resonate with it. Consciously or unconsciously- the choice to listen to any misleading manipulations falls on us. And that is how we give our powers away, when we unconsciously choose to envision a reality we don't actually want.

This is the core of individual responsibility- to be mindful of choosing the reality one actually stands for... instead of choosing something one's afraid of and manifest pure fear vibrations because of it- it is better to stand for one's vision through sovereignty.

That is why I recommend to stop listening to anyone trying to manipulate you. Stop trusting anything that doesn't ring true to you. Do you feel you are meant to follow orders or do you feel like a responsible being- capable of deciding and governing yourself?

Those who have given their power away- their reality will eventually spin out of control because they aren’t in control of it until they decide to take their power back...

We are all magnificent creator beings, with such great powers. But we have been unknowingly programmed against our powers...

Because everything in our life starts from within us- what we give attention to matters, as it can literally unconsciously manifest itself in our lives, against our conscious will...

Life is a journey that gets created by our own minds. It can shift drastically when we chose to consciously align with the vibration we actually want to attract. Every time we think, intend, believe - it gets registered in the "quantum field". Affirmations declared with certainty- work according to the law of attraction, as they are heard by the universe. It is always ideal to state only what you want rather than focus on any undesirable outcomes.

I recommend to intend by think what’s best for humanity as a whole now... Fear frequency does NOT promote healing... and without healing it’s impossible to be truly free... Let's practice that...


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