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432Hz- here to support humanity's awakening

Launching my recent gofundme campaign had me realized that I owe everyone an even better explanation of the meaning I give to the power of 432Hz in relation with our individual inner cosmology and nature. One of my colleagues had asked me to write it down so here it is.

Ever since my early 20's I got to listen to numerous groups of Tibetan monks chanting their sacred music live, while playing their 432Hz bawls. Having the luxury to be in the same room with them while immersed in this experience had profoundly effected my ability to tune inwards. It has been an experience of consciously shifting from my left outward brain to my right inward brain. How do I know this? I experienced it.

In the past 2 years an internal impulse compelled me to make a conscious decision to tune my cello to A-432hz on a daily basis and over time I noticed to have developed a sensitivity that required me to consciously empty my mind while playing. Why? so that I can be more in my "sensing zone" rather than in my "thinking zone". When I do that I seem to have powerful experiences of transcendence, where my body = Subconscious is ever present and I feel empowered and less in my questioning head.

These experiences lead me to conclude that this “frequency code” is more powerful than our left brain culture can even comprehend. It’s no wonder this number has been etched into so many sacred stone sites. I personally see it as a reminder of the infinite human powers available to us to tap into when we are willing to consider that our "inner authority" (right brain) can very well take charge of our entire consciousness.

This is considered somewhat of a ‘deprogramming work’ given that we are still very much depended on “experts” (left brain culture) to tell us what’s “true”. If you recognize yourself as a sovereign evolving soul (a soul on an individual journey) you may want to study Human Design where it is explained that "truth" is considered to be the Sidhi (attainment) of your very own inner "Inquiry" which transcends whatever doubts you might have. We each get to tap into this journey through our "inner authority". You are invited to read my previous article about the soul journey within Gate 63 (Doubt). Or simply google Gate 63 in Human Design to read other's interpretations if you wish to

I feel that an individual has to be willing to chose to consciously undergo this process of re-considering it’s own definition of knowledge & truth directly from their own “inner knowing” experiences in order for this experiment to work otherwise there is no point in intellectualizing this.


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