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"Just Be You"

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Do you sometimes struggle with being your vulnerable self? Do you ever find yourself trying hard to be socially accepted by trying to "becoming someone" other than the person you already are? Do you ever feel a little lost in the process of trying to understand who you actually are?... It takes courage to admit that... and I want to inspire and encourage you to allow yourself to love yourself by being honest with yourself about this. Know that you're not alone!

I have personally been there! With all the online/ social media ongoing bombardment- I got ADHD, and deeply distracted from being and loving who I already am... It got so bad that I had to face it as an existential crisis...

Meditating on this topic I recently channeled a piece named Just Be You.

My medicine is composing music on the spot because when I do that I inspire myself to focus on "moment to moment being- ness"... on cultivating presence & trust through performance, which is what Intimate Cello, my company- has been all about :)

In case you didn't know- Intimate Cello is the platform I founded 2 years ago to inspire and support individuals transform from within.

I offer 2 inner transformation modalities that offer individuals another route to critically rethink how tp"understand & love oneself better". When you work with me- we will dive into what your chart says about you so we can get to the "inner permission" of just being that which you already are... so you can literally celebrate your inner knowing in every moment of your life...

The 2 modalities I offer are reading your Human Design chart and a giving you a personalized sound medicine journey (a hybrid between sound healing and a concert) performed on the cello just for you, as its tuned to A- 432hz which helps in activating your subconsious.

Human Design offers you conscious knowledge of your unique soul blueprint and the music in 432Hz offers you an activation of the subconscious so that you can experience the inner balance between your conscious mind & the your subconscious body Knowlege which is key to experiencing deep meaningful inner transformation.

If you feel called to learn more- I like to invite you to book yourself a discovery call with me so I can better tune in to your specific unique needs.

Also, to know more about this tool feel free to check out my following livestream presentation, themed "Just Be You" (aired 8/14/23)

Thank you and a fabulous day!!!




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